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Episode 2 – Tim and Wealth Distribution

A discussion between Ian and Tim, a long-standing friend, about wealth distribution in the UK.  The topic meanders its way through various taxes and benefits and concludes that the current system is wholly broken.


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Who Owns England?

Income tax rates and allowances

National Insurance rates and allowances

Inheritance tax rates and allowances

Wealth in the UK

Hierarchy of Needs

The wealth calculation I referenced was £14tn total wealth divided by a population of around 70 million, which is around £200,000 average wealth per person, not the £280,000 I referenced in the talk, which was likely due to using somewhat different numbers.  For a family of 4, that means they should have a combined wealth of some £800,000 if they have the average.

Table 2.14 of the ONS data shows, though, that individuals have a huge range of personal wealth, with 10% of the UK population having less than £20,000, another 14% having between £20,000 and £85,000, and a further 13% having more than £85,000 and less than £200,000.  This means that 37% of individuals in the UK have less than the average wealth figure, some considerably so.  Conversely, some 40% of the population is fortunate enough to individually own at least £500,000 of assets.

I misremembered Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as Markov’s Hierarchy of Needs.  Correct link is posted above.  A good summary diagram is available here:’s_Hierarchy_of_Needs2.svg 

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