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ReformUK’s Economic Ineptitude

The ReformUK party is not like every other political party. Originally the Brexit Party, the membership of this so-called political party is three individuals, namely Richard Tice, Tracy Knowles and Mehrtash A’Zami.  No-one else has voting rights for the structure, leadership or policies of the party.  As such, it is designed to be authoritarian in nature rather than democratic, which is the antithesis of my own beliefs and the Liberal Democrats in general.  However, this structure is – amazingly – not the worst or only major problem for the “party”.

Economic Woes

On 24 February 2024, the ReformUK party announced a list of tax reforms (pardon the pun).  This was broadly summarised as follows:

  • Change the higher rate threshold from £50,000 to £70,000.
  • Increase the personal allowance for income tax from £12,570 to £20,000.
  • Set the inheritance tax allowance to £2 million (presumably this is per person, so the allowance would be £4 million for couples).
  • Cut corporation tax to 15% (I saw this figure on Twitter rather than in the independent article, so this is less reliable than the others, but is certainly in keeping with their other promises).
  • Add a 20% tax relief for healthcare fees and private school fees.

This all seems very appealing if you have wealth and don’t rely on anything that is cut to fund this gift to the wealthy.  So what is being cut to fund this tax giveaway?


They have mentioned that they will abandon net zero policies and eliminate illegal migration.  The former of these is something of a red herring, because renewable energy right now is cheaper than fossil fuel power, so abandoning net zero actually costs money if we look at energy, the single largest contributor to our CO2 emission.  The latter is also a red herring because the total cost of migration is essentially negligible. As part of my Twitter ranting about this, someone posted an article telling me that illegal migration (as they put it) had cost some £36 billion since 2020. This sounds like a large figure until you look at the annual amount of £9 billion and compare it to, say, the annual budget for NHS England, some £163 billion. In short, even if the cost of “illegal” migrants could be completely eliminated with no additional costs for whatever scheme replaced the existing structure, they would not even be able to fund a single month of NHS England’s budget with the annual saving.

In short, they have not proposed anything that would possibly offset the cost of massive tax cuts, and we saw what happened when someone last tried to announce uncosted tax cuts for the wealthy.

This is worse. Much worse.

No longer a candidate, so now focusing on my own projects.

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