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My Goals

I want to be a Member of Parliament, allowing me to vote on issues of national policy, including things like healthcare, education, policing, judicial and care funding. I believe that we are a wealthy enough nation that these can be fully funded with a review of the tax system to incorporate wealth at a very similar level to income at present. This can be best achieved by reviewing both capital gains tax and inheritance tax, both of which are currently enabling the ultra-wealthy to pay a much lower tax rate than an equivalent worker.

I am disabled, though still able to get around. As such, I have a real passion for helping those who have need to access the current benefits system, and I can speak with some experience on the subject of applying for Employment and Support Allowance, Personal Independence Payments and Blue Badges. I firmly believe that the way such people are treated is appalling at present, and anecdotally I have heard several people stating that they dread their periodic review with the Department of Work and Pensions, an organisation that should be there to help.

Finally, I am concerned at the unequal distribution of land in the UK. At present, land owned by homeowners in England represents some 5% of the size of the country, with up to 50% still owned by the aristocracy. In my view, this is anachronistic and unfair, and I would want as a long-term goal to move more towards land by default being owned by the country as a whole for the use of the country as a whole, whether in the form of agriculture, residences or energy generation.


No longer a candidate, so now focusing on my own projects.

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