You Deserve Better

Piers’ Propaganda

I thought it would be fun to pull apart the nonsense that is Piers Corbyn’s election flyer. I will of course refer back to my friend and colleague Blaise Baquiche to show how much better his manifesto is than this errant nonsense. Frankly, no it isn’t. It’s a by-election, not a general election for a start, which precludes this from being a referendum on anything.  On top of that, this flyer has absolutely no other mention of how the political system should be changed for the better.  I for one agree that the system is broken, but my proposed change is to move to a party-list proportional representation system, which would vastly improve the representation of societal viewpoints in parliament.  What is Corbyn’s proposal?  No idea, just vote for him, apparently. Again, no.  Picking one party at random, Sinn Fein – they were elected and therefore have seats in Parliament, but have never once taken those seats.  As such, it is fair to say that they had no involvement in the mess we are now in, as all decisions were made without them. Closer to home, the Greens had one MP in this parliament, so without question they had no real influence on “this mess”.  In fact, the Conservatives have a majority, and before that Labour had a majority (with a Conservative majority unfortunately made possible by the Lib Dems in 2010), so aside from those parties, it’s fair to say that no other parties in parliament caused any mess.  I for one have learned a very valuable lesson from the 2010 coalition, namely never to trust the Tories not to shift the blame onto others, and never trust either Tories or Labour to allow a fair referendum, in this case on the Alternative Vote system, which certainly wasn’t perfect but would have been considerably better than the current trainwreck that is First-Past-The-Post. Can’t see how this could possibly be true when Piers Corbyn is going up against 16 other candidates, including Blaise Baquiche.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that Corbyn’s views and behaviour so far make him the least worthy of anyone’s vote.  If interested, take a look at my report on the hustings last week for an example of his sort of behaviour. “Best known” is not the best way to determine who is worthy of a vote.  If the technology existing to reincarnate Benito Mussolini and he chose to run in Uxbridge & South Ruislip, he would without question be the best known candidate, but for all the wrong reasons. Incidentally, he IS a conspiracy theorist.  His views are utter nonsense. I look forward to seeing his submissions in a reputable scientific journal.  If I was a betting man and if I could find anyone to take my wager, I would definitely bet on this never happening because it’s far easier to spew nonsense than it is to actually provide rigorous experimental proof of a claim. “Brilliant” isn’t the word I would use.  Nor is “Truth” a concept I would equate to this sort of conspiratorial nonsense.  The chances of him winning anything are slim to none at best. Incidentally, he uses the phrase “Johnny-come-lately” as a negative, but it is interesting that until the by-election was announced I never saw him campaigning in Uxbridge & South Ruislip.  One might be tempted to conclude that he is in fact just another Johnny-come-lately. Conclusion I said in a recent Tweet that I thought Corbyn was a joke candidate, and this flyer definitely doesn’t change my view.  The conclusion that I made at the time was that a vote for him would be a waste of a vote, broadly equivalent to not even bothering to go to the polling booth.  If that’s what you want, then fine, but don’t forget Count Binface and Howling Laud Hope.  If you want real change, then Blaise Baquiche is your candidate. Blaise wants to bring trust and honesty into parliament.  He believes firmly in proper representative democracy, and wants to make sure that we have a functioning NHS (including care and dentistry), a fair tax system and education available to anyone that wants to better themselves.