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I have a podcast, where I talk to members of my extended family about issues to do with politics and the economy that affect them personally. The goal of any discussion is to highlight the issue and come up with possible solutions.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to suggest a topic or volunteer to be on the show!

  • Episode 4 – Luca and Mental Wellbeing

    The delay to this episode was far more than just slight, but for those of you who have been waiting patiently, here you go! A discussion on mental wellbeing, particularly during this period of cost of living crisis.

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  • Episode 3 – Dad and Electoral Reform

    A slightly delayed episode of Family Politics in which I chat to my dad about electoral reform – what is it, why is it needed, and how does it relate to cake?

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  • Episode 2 – Tim and Wealth Distribution

    A discussion between Ian and Tim, a long-standing friend, about wealth distribution in the UK.  The topic meanders its way through various taxes and benefits and concludes that the current system is wholly broken.

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Many thanks to everyone involved in helping me put this together, especially my dad, David, who wrote the theme tune, and my brother, James, who has stepped up to help out with the video editing. Thanks as well to my guests, who are what make the show anything other than me simply ranting into a microphone for hours on end.

Probably the worst political show I have ever seen.

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